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It's all about you. Finding your space to have fun, let go, relax and to rediscover you!

It's so easy to get stressed, it's so easy to get tired, and there's always an endless list of things to do. Now more than ever it's necessary to invest in yourself, regain peak mental and physical health and to enjoy your life!!

** 22/04/2021: During this Coronavirus period we are finding it even more important to keep fit and healthy! We are currently practising with sessions in-person and live online. To join us, get in touch via the contact form**


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Dance Fit | 19:30 - 20.30


Dance Fit | 10:30 - 11.30


Mindful Yoga | 20:30 - 21:30


Will the dance steps be simple or challenging enough for me?

Yes! There are two DanceFit levels. Beginners & intermediate. If you have taken some dance classes before, I can recommend you to try the intermediate level!

What dance & music themes will we cover in class?

You will dance to such a wide range of wonderful music! We will explore everything from, Rhythm & Blues (RnB), 70s & 80's, Modern Jazz, Afrobeats, Dancehall and Salsa (no partner required!), and more!

How do I sign up for a class?

Please fill out the 'Contact Me' form on this site and I'll be in touch!

What should I wear?

Anything you comfortable moving around in! Whether that's gymwear, t-shirt, leggings, shorts ... As you wish!

I would like to join an online class from a country outside of the Netherlands, can I? How do I pay?

Yes! There have been people join our online classes as far as Australia! Payment options include IBAN transfer and Paypal.

How often do you teach yoga?

I teach yoga lessons on a weekly basis (from 1-on-1 private lessons to group classes).

I have not practised yoga or mindfulness before, can I still join your Mindful Yoga class?

Absolutely! No previous experience is necessary. You will be guided & taught by an experienced yoga & meditation teacher.


My story is quite an interesting one to tell. It all started when I temporarily lost the ability to walk & talk. I also gained a tremor & spent most of the day's hours asleep. After countless tests & analyses, the culprit had been found: Stress, which led to Burnout. I couldn't believe something so 'small' could have such a profound effect on the body! After trying many different things to rehabilitate myself, it was so clear that Meditation, Yoga & Dance were all tools that were tremendously helping my recovery. Sometimes I couldn't walk forwards, but a few dance steps could get me there (the marvels of the human brain!).

So, I kept practising and the more I got 'back into my body' the more I progressed on recovery. I stuck to those three practices and now, I live a life greater than I ever thought possible, and feel better than I previously did!
I had always had a huge fascination with the human body & had studied the technology surrounding it (Bsc. Biology, Msc. Biotechnology & Msc. Technology). But little did I know that the technology needed to revive myself was so ancient & underrated!
Now, I'm on a mission to empower women to get back into their bodies, and live extraordinary lives!

Tineka Blake

Certified Dance teacher, Experienced Yoga, Meditation Teacher & Coach




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One class per week:

- Try it out - FREE 7-Day Pass
Monthly subscription (1x per week) - £52 / €59 per month
Monthly subscription (2x per week) - £69 / €79 per month
Six month subscription (1x per week) - £48 / €55 per month
Six month subscription (2x per week) - £65 / €75 per month
10x class card offer - £129 / €149.00 (valid for 3 months)

Private Yoga Sessions
- €65.00 per session
Session length 60 - 90 minutes

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